Spectroradiometers — FieldSpec® 3, the next generation...

Product Specifications

The truly field-portable spectroradiometer designed by researchers, for researchers to perform solar spectral reflectance, radiance, and irradiance measurements. FieldSpec¢ç 3 spectroradiometer

The FieldSpec¢ç 3 portable spectroradiometer offers the modular Goetz spectrometer engine with a spectral range from 350 nm to 2500 nm and is ideal for numerous remote sensing and research applications including:

and more¡¦

Rapid - a scan time of approximately 100 milliseconds allows for more data in less time.

Ultra Rugged - the FieldSpec¢ç 3 is built to withstand extreme conditions, including intense temperatures, shock and vibration, and other situations common to field research.

Portable - when carried on your back in the ASD Ergonomic Propack and using battery power, the light weight FieldSpec¢ç 3 is ready to go where you need to go, when you need to go.

Flexible - with non-slip rubber feet for integration into custom transport platforms and the improved ASD Ergonomic Propack, the FieldSpec¢ç 3 is ready for the field, mountains, the desert, the arctic, or just about anywhere your application takes you.

Wireless - the wireless connection allows for remote control of your data collection up to 150 feet away* (Ethernet port also standard on all systems).

Built-In Diagnostics - the FieldSpec¢ç 3 provides an unprecedented diagnostic package featuring the ASD FiberChecker¢â.

Automated Data Collection - the LabVIEW¢ç interface expands the power and capabilities of ASD¡¯s RS3¢â software, enabling automation of data collection and ease of use for a wide variety of applications.

Collect more data, from more sites, in less time!

Researcher in the taking ground truth field measurements with the FieldSpec¢ç 3 spectroradiometer in the ASD Ergonomic Propack

Researchers from universities, governments and private research laboratories, and other research institutions rely on the portability and flexibility of the FieldSpec¢ç family of instruments for their spectroscopic needs.







Spectral Range 350-2500 nm
Spectral Resolution 3 nm @ 700 nm
10 nm @ 1400/2100 nm
Sampling Interval 1.4 nm @ 350-1050 nm
2 nm @ 1000-2500 nm
Scanning Time 100 milliseconds
Detectors One 512 element Si photodiode array 350-1000 nm
Two separate, TE cooled, graded index InGaAs photodiodes 1000-2500 nm
Input 1.5 m fiber optic (25¨¬ field of view)
Optional foreoptics available
Noise Equivalent Radiance (NEdL) UV/VNIR 1.1 x 10-9 W/cm2/nm/sr @700 nm
NIR 2.4 x 10-9 W/cm2/nm/sr @ 1400 nm
NIR 4.7 x 10-9 W/cm2/nm/sr @ 2100 nm
Weight 12 lbs (5.2 kg)
Calibrations Wavelength, reflectance, radiance*, irradiance*
All calibrations are NIST traceable (*radiometric calibrations are optional)